Hi, I'm Georgiana, a social media business manager.

You take care of your business while I make it visible to others.


Because you don't have time for this

...setting up correctly your Facebook, Instagram, Google accounts, creating relevant content, struggling to grow your audience, always managing comments, reviews, messages... It's a lot of work and not that simple to do. Even more, I can do it for you in English and Spanish. Of course you need it, this is Spain, after all.

Not yet on social media?

I'll make it happen I'll create your Facebook, Instagram or Google Business account, whatever you need. You'll be in control of everything too, but I'll do the day-to-day work.

Don't know what to publish?

This is one of the most frequent problems of entrepreneurs. I look at your business from the outside, as a potential customer, so I can provide many ideas for content about your activity.

Do you want to be more visible?

You're postingon the social networks, but your messages don't catch the attention desired? It may be due to the descriptions you use, unattractive photos and videos or the low number of followers. I'll fix it all for you.  


Owner Floraria Happy
/flower shop /

"Before, advertising my business was a disaster. When Georgiana told me about social media services, I didn't even know there were professionals in this! Since we started working together, my business has really blossomed with regular postings and great quality editing and writing."


I will help you gain confidence and peace of mind.

I have a degree in Journalism and 15 years of experience in mass-media. Four years ago I started managing business accounts on social networks and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with clients in various fields of activity, from hospitality to retail, from health and children's education to fitness.

Therefore, I know how to write to capture the public's attention. I know how to work with social media tools as I have been present in them, day by day, since 2009, watching them change and develop. Having me in charge of your accounts will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on running your business the best you can.

What I can do for you:


Co-Founder WonderBaby App
/baby care app/

Georgiana is without a doubt a reliable professional. I really appreciate the energy she has put into building a quality strategy and content for our brand.